The movement inside the replica watch is the Cartier 1847 MC automatic movement

Its worth noting that the finish on the case and strap is quite well done for the $9,000 price point. Surface scratches are well done, with polished bezels on the top and bottom edges of the case. In addition to its aesthetics, the strap embodies the performance of two useful functions. One of these is the QuickSwitch, a button on the back of the strap for unlocking and easy changing. The downside of this convenience, along with the proprietary strap format, however, is that strap options are limited to Cartier features, or non-Cartier replica watches straps require suitable connectors. This means that the choice of straps may not be as extensive or affordable as on watches equipped with regular strap arrangements.

Another useful feature is the EasyLink, which is a button on the back of each link in the metal band for easy removal. This means the strap can be adjusted with just a fingernail, no tools required.

The movement inside the replica watch is Cartier 1847 MC automatic movement, and the power reserve is basically about 48 hours. This movement is the same one used by Cartier Cl de Cartier and can be admired through the transparent sapphire glass.

Notable features of this movement are the balance (nickel-phosphorus escape wheel) and the pallet forks, made of a nickel-phosphorus compound that reduces the effects of magnetic fields. In addition, the nickel-phosphorus parts are produced through a high-tech die-casting process called LIGA (probably made by Swiss specialist Mimotec), and these tiny details are produced with extreme precision. High precision - the factor that makes the machine work more efficient and stable. Anti-magnetic fields are also enhanced by the "Faraday" cage mechanism, a soft iron ring that protects the movement from external magnetic fields.

The Santos de replica Cartier large watch with a blue gradient dial brings design replica uhren innovation to the Cartier Santos collection. The dark blue dial, large size and traditional Cartier style create a unique and eye-catching replica watch. The Cartier Santos De Cartier WSSA0013 Edition has a list price of around $9,000, depending on taxes in each market. (updated in 2023).